Ads Youtube Policy

Our content for users are completely free and ads are our primary source to provide users with our contents. As mentioned in the official Youtube API documentation, here is an excerpt taken from the youtube explanation.
However, you cannot run advertisements on pages that play our video content unless there is a significant amount of other important content on the page, meaning that users come to the page to access other content besides the video. In that limited case, you can run ads as long as those ads are targeted to the other content on the page and not to the video or video metadata. For example, if your page displays a video with a news article, blog entry or user profile information, then you can display ads on the page as long as the ads are targeted to the article, blog entry or user profile data.
As mentioned above, we are showing ads in our mobile apps as well as our website following the above terms. The advertisements shown anywhere on GadgetsFury’s properties are completely related to tech and gaming ads.