The two technology giants recently announced that they have been working together on the industry initiative toward global Rich Communication Services (RCS). This collaboration will surely ensure that the RCS services will be working seamlessly with Samsung messages thus providing a wonderful and rich user experience for Samsung Users. This technology will be available to selected Samsung Mobiles, no only for high-end future releases, but market existent mobile phones beginning with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.


We already have known an experienced the relationship between Samsung and Google through the market. Speaking of early hand in the Android(by Google) market, Samsung launched its very own series of Android mobiles which was a hit and since then other competitors have struggled to get back the android market from Samsung. According to statistics,  Android devices held a 78% share of the smartphone market and Samsung had the largest share of any smartphone manufacturer with 24.6%, according to International Data Corporation.

Official Post from Samsung Newsroom


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