Apple is an American trillion dollar company who’s still going greedy over money? Let’s try to analyze what’s going on with Apple. For the sake of Apple fanboys, let’s try to be positive.

Think shit differently

  • Battery life

Fast charging is nowadays is secure for charging mobile devices. There have been numerous claims on how fast charge actually eats up your battery life. From my personal experience, I’ve been using Samsung’s A5 for almost 3 years now and there’s no issue regarding the battery. It takes less than 40 minutes charge for a whole day at college for me, my use of smartphone at college is like any typical student (Streaming Netflix in the last row of class, using social media all day and light gaming) and I’ll have juice left to enjoy some good music for 1 hour and so much for my 300$ phone.For the record, Samsung provided me with good quality fast charger and a good pair of earphones and back in my day headphone jack wasn’t a feature for a smartphone like in 2018(thanks to Tim for this “wireless future” dream). So my point is that fast charging doesn’t really affect battery health that much.

Samsung fast charge

  • Wireless Future

Apple’s been creating weird trends and it’s kinda getting adopted by many Smartphone giants around the world. Trends like removing headphone jacks, creating weird notches etc.

There have been rumors around 2020 iPhone by removing charging port and headphone jacks, forcing users to go fully wireless.

Iphone x

  • Greed over money 

Apple just depresses many people with the high price tag on everything. In September 2018 Apple released brand new iPhones and none of them had a headphone jack dongle nor fast charger.

IPhone Out of box

why we pay for a fast charger like 60$ plus while other phone manufacturers provide the same tech for free out of the box? even a 300$ phone can provide me with a fast charger why can’t 1100$ phone can’t?


When iPhone  XS  was released they make us buy headphone jack dongle for 7-8$ or more.

It’s like less than 3 dollars for good quality dongle. Apple why?


It’s even worse for users outside the US. As an example, In India iPhone XS max costs 1500$ instead of 1100$ plus buying all accessories make the price go up to a whopping 2000 USD. All these combined together we can only visualize a trillion dollar company going towards than making a revolution. Read more about Apple products’ prices in India.

Apple meme


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