So this year was already not going well for Facebook and this recent attack on their computer network exposed nearly 50 million people’s personal information.

This was the biggest breach in the history and attackers utilized a feature in Facebook’s code to gain access to user accounts. Although passwords and credit card information weren’t affected, Facebook says it logged out 90 million users as a precaution. The company is now working with the FBI to investigate. Facebook said that affected users don’t need to change their security settings, including their passwords. The company is still investigating the attack and doesn’t know how much information was stolen or who is behind the hack.

This is really a serious security Issue

-Mark Zuckerburg

It is very awkward to see that company like Facebook had such bugs in their software. Facebook said it had fixed the vulnerabilities and notified law enforcement officials. Facebook said the attackers had exploited two bugs in the site’s “View As” feature, which allows users to see what data other people can see about them. The feature was built to give users more control over their privacy but this was the bug. So even the smallest vulnerability can prove to be very dangerous.

They have temporarily turned off the view as feature and they are taking this matter seriously now. Facebook noted an unusual spike in users activity and their quick response may have stopped a much bigger attack.  Since the investigation is in the early stage so not much information is available till now.


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