Well, we all are surrounded by technology and we depend on them so much. So today we will discuss some cool unknown technology facts that we bet you didn’t know. We will try to include every topic let it internet, games, mobile phones or any hardware. So let’s get started:

Internet connected Jacket

So, an American based company Levi’s is working with Google to make this thing possible. You must be wondering how will it be useful? Well, the inability to answer calls or do other smartphone-related activities while riding a bike, standing in a crowded place, or carrying shopping is certainly a problem. So these problems can be solved by this $350 Jacket. The smart jacket is equipped with a removable snap tag on the left sleeve cuff that allows wearers to interact with their smartphone more safely using gestures, LEDs, and haptic feedback. You can perform common digital tasks like starting or stopping the music, getting directions, or reading incoming text messages by simply swiping or tapping the jacket sleeve. The smart jacket is compatible with phones running Android 6.0.1 or newer and iOS 10. The charge lasts up to 2 weeks and jacket can be washed easily.

internet jacket
Google Didn’t create Android

Yes, this is a very interesting fact and shocking as well. Google didn’t create Android. Android began as a startup aiming to create an operating system that would work digital camera’s that could access computer services. Google purchased them in 2005 for an undisclosed amount. Today, Android powers about 85% of all smartphones globally. So who knew your favorite OS was actually a startup.

android google
“iPhone” was actually from Cisco

“iPhone” never belonged to Apple, it was actually a trademark of Cisco. Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone at Macworld on January 9, 2007. And it was a huge success. Cisco owned the trademarks for both “iPhone and “IOS” many years before Apple.  Cisco used the name for its dual-mode cordless VoIP network phones in the year 2000. Both the companies had their own problems but they finally settled.  Now both the companies use the “i” name, Cisco use is for their routing software and for Apple you know(everything!).

apple office
Bus that runs on shit!

In UK, there are bus services that runs on human poop! With a full tank, the bus can travel up to 186 miles, while producing up to 30% fewer emissions compared to diesel-powered buses. It also runs on household waste, so the choice of fuel is  upto you! This Bio-Bus is eco freindly and runs on low cost. It would be interesting to see if other countries adopt it too. Since it is powered by biomethane gas the emmision is less, hence safe for the environment.

bio busPlaying videogames Useless?

So most of our parents think that playing videogames is waste of time, but actually this is not true! Well, true gamers probably know this but there are some people who will be always against gamers. Playing video games boost your learning spped. Studies indicate that surgeons who regularly play video games make 37% fewer mistakes and operate 27% faster than their peers. Laparoscopic surgery — using a tiny camera and instruments controlled by joysticks outside the body — is performed on just about any part of the body, from an appendix to the colon and gall bladder. Video gamers are also found to be better in multitasking, driving and navigating around the streets. Won’t go much into details but you can read the full information from the source.

console gamingSome Font can save your printer Ink!

Just like all your fingers are not same, fonts are not same either. Some fonts can actually save your ink if you are printing in larger volume. Fonts with lighter stroke will save your ink to great extend. You will save 10% ink if you use lighter fonts. And this is only applicable for ink jet printers. So don’t go for beautification, changing font can save your money!

printerNetflix is older than Google

Netflix was founded on 1997, and google was founded on 1998. Its been 22 years since the launch pf netflix. Also netflix is the biggest contributors in terms of traffic and now runs in more than 130 countries. It was a small startup, and they started with their website netflix.com. It was a great concept back then but fast internet was not common those days. Netflix’s total revenue was about $6 billion with some $1.75 billion in profits.







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