So, Apple’s most expensive phone ever is hitting problems like charging issue in iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs max. The phone went on sale last week and users are reporting that their phone is not charging. Charging issue in such a premium smartphone is certainly a big issue.

iPhone displayAccording to a report, several users are facing problems when they charge their iPhones with wired chargers. They say that when they plug-in their iPhones to charge with the charger, the handsets didn’t charge until they had to manually wake the screen up. Some users said they had to flip the cable before it started to charge the smartphone.
iPhone Xs not chargingFamous Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger has also confirmed the problem on his channel Unbox Therapy. To fix this problem, users need to turn on the “USB Accessories” feature under “Face ID and Passcode” settings. This solution is working for everyone now. Apple hasn’t issued an official statement until now. The problem is software-related and an update should fix this problem.

It is surely a big disappointment to the customers now let’s see how fast Apple responds to this problem.


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