Latest news revealed that Xiaomi Mi A1 has caught fire while charging the device. If you or your friends were using Mi A1m make them sure to check out the latest Xiaomi Mi A1 explodes while charging news and its preventive measures.  Though the company said that there are no heating issues with regards to Xiaomi Mi A1, this incident made the users get worried about their Mi mobiles. The owner of the affected Mi A1 user reported that the handset explosion made his senses out in a second. The fingerprint sensor bug might be one reason behind the Xiaomi Mi A1 Explosion. But the MIUI forum states that the Xiaomi MI A1 got exploded as it is charged overnight.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes while Charging:

The owner claimed that he was jolted with the sound made by the phone before it got blasted. In the morning, he found that this Xiaomi Mi A1 Exploded while charging. Any mobile should not charge the mobile overnight all the days, this might be a reason for the explosion. One cannot come to the conclusion that it is the fault from the Mi A1 provider. Because it was not known whether the owner was using the original charger or not. Up till now, there were no such cases recorded in the history of Xiaomi Mi A1 mobiles.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes while charging

Xiaomi was still going through the investigation to know the actual problem behind Xiaomi Mi A1 Explosion. MIUI forums have marked the discussion by saying “Need more information”. Many other reports have revealed that this explosion problem in Mi A1 is due to Fingerprint sensor which is consuming eight crores of the Snapdragon 660 SoC at maximum speed. This can finally result in battery failure and screen off issues periodically.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes- Preventive Measures:

  • Instead of using unbranded adapters, use the adapter and cable provided with the handset.
  • Make sure that you charge your device only for the required time and not overnight.
  • Don’t use the mobile while it is being charged or play games while charging.
  • Don’t listen to music with earphones while charging and if you use then these kinds of Xaiomi Mi A1 explodes may occur.
  • Never place something on your mobile device while it is being charged.
  • Maintain room temperature and check whether your device is not getting too much heated while charging or not.


If you are a Xiaomi Mi A1 user then be cautious while charging your device. Do let us know if you came across Xiaomi Mi A1 explosion while charging in the comment section provided below.


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