Finally, Windows Redstone 5 update is here! This update is known as version 1809. And has a lot of new features and improvements. The update was just released and packs lots of exciting features. So here is the complete detail about the new updates:

Dark Mode in File Explorer

This is probably a much-awaited feature that most of us were waiting for! This is what we call a true dark mode. Earlier the dark mode was only limited to windows setting panels but now you can enjoy the dark mode in your file explorer too. Its very helpful during night usage. To enable it go to personalize option and then go to colors option. Scroll down below you will get an option to choose between dark and light mode. Make sure you have latest windows update installed.

New Windows settings

Now windows will allow users to see their Bluetooth device battery percentage. SwiftKey now powers the on-screen and touch keyboards. A new Windows HD color page is now available under Display Settings that let you configure HDR settings(all devices not supported). Windows Update will now use machine learning to determine when to install and not install updates. You can now make the text size bigger separately from the overall display scaling options in Settings. A redesigned snipping experience is present and can be accessed via WIN + SHIFT + S. Copied content can now be seen in a new clipboard experience, accessed with WIN+V

 Microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge now features Web Authentication APIs for logging into websites with Windows Hello. The webpage loading is a little bit faster too. You can now right click downloads in the download-pane to “show in folder.” Now you can open local files (like PDFs) in Microsoft Edge. When you press F1 in Microsoft Edge, it will now take you to the Microsoft Edge support page, rather than Microsoft Edge tips. It has added few options for printing too. The XSS filter(is a computer security vulnerability typically found in web applications) has been removed. And to add,  Microsoft edge uses a very low resource and is battery friendly for the laptop.

Improved Game Mode and Game Bar

This change is not much noticeable but is important for gamers. Microsoft has stated that it’s adding more options to game mode to further optimize gaming performance. There are also new audio controls, allowing you to change your audio output device and adjust the volume of games. It now gives you a visual illustration in the form of a graph which shows the game’s frame rate, and indeed your CPU or system memory usage, or GPU memory usage. The interface is new is much better optimized. Press Windows + G to enable it. So, the redesigned game bar is worth checking out.Also read: 10 Things every Gamer Hates!

Storage Sense

This is an important feature too. Microsoft implemented a new storage feature called Storage Sense. This will automatically free up storage space on your hard drive by getting rid of old files you don’t use anymore. It’ll take these files and back them up on OneDrive, so you’ll still have access to them – without clogging up your hard drive. You’ll have to manually enable this feature in Redstone 5, but it could be a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to manually sort through hundreds of files to optimize storage performance.

Better audio support

Microsoft has added DTS:X to the list of spatial audio option. So if your pc is capable then you will be able to experience good sound output. For that, you need to install Dolby Atmos from Microsoft store. Earlier the spatial sound enabled to only a few devices. So you can try out the spatial sound if you have a decent pair of headphones. It can make the sound more immersive. To enable connect headphones to your PC, right-click the speaker icon in the system tray and then click Spacial sound from the menu. Your options will be either DTS sound inbound or Dolby Access.

Other fixes and updates

  • Apps running in Windows Mixed Reality can now make use of the Camera Capture UI API to capture images of the mixed reality
  • When your volume is muted, the volume icons in the Sound Settings page will also now appear muted.
  • “Advanced graphics settings” link on the Display Settings page to now just say “Graphics Settings.”
  • Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge and Gigantic files are now defined as 0 – 10KB, 16KB – 1MB, 1 MB to 128 MB, 128 MB – 1 GB, 1 GB – 4 GB, and > 4 GB in file explorer.
  • Windows Calculator now correctly calculates square roots for perfect squares.
  • Windows Defender Security Center has been renamed to “Windows Security” and now features Fluent Design.
  • Disk usage and CPU usage is optimized and the values stay much lower compared to the earlier version
  • Your Phone” app is now present that syncs with your Android and iPhone to share photos, notifications, SMS conversations, and more.
  • Notepad now features Unix/Linus line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings
  • The apps open much faster and use low resources.
  • Notifications in the Action Center now feature a fade-in effect when the Action Center is opened.
  • A new “safe removal” feature has been added that open applications that might be using an external GPU connected via Thunderbolt 3.
  • Emoji 11 is now available.
  • You can now make the text size bigger separately from the overall display scaling options in Settings
  • RSAT(Remote Server Administration Tools) is now a feature on demand.

Also, let us know in the comment section if you have noticed any new changes too!



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