For gaming, we don’t have our PC with us all the time. And gaming in a laptop is not that easy unless it is equipped with a good graphics card. The biggest compromise gaming in a laptop is frame drops. And also not to mention overheating and high specs demands from game developers. So today we will discuss some measures that you can take while gaming on your laptop.

Use GeforceExperience

Nowadays almost every laptop comes with a decent entry-level DirectX 12 Geforce cards. And these cards allow you to play your games which are best for your PC. Just go to GeforceExperience and click on drivers to install the latest updates. Then go to the home where all your installed games will be shown. Click on the details by hovering the mouse on the game you like and then click optimize. Your game will be optimized. Resolution is hit and trial kind of thing. Some games run well on fullscreen windowed but some run well in low resolution. So you have to try what works best. Mostly the games run well on fullscreen windowed mode but not all the time.

Disable services

Some Windows services take lots of system resources which affects your CPU performance and increases disk usage. As a result, it slows down your laptop.  This may not be a problem with the latest windows October update as they have fixed this issues. In the older feature update, services like superfetch, prefetch, secondary logon or windows search used to take a lot of resources. So if you are still running older windows update we would recommend disabling those services. For that press start + R , in the run command type services.msc and click enter. After that open the services that you don’t need and click Disable. Do a prior research before you disable some service because you may use need some services too. Like for some print spooler service is not required but one who uses printer will need it.

Upgrade SSD and RAM

If you don’t have an option to play on PC and your only option is Laptop then you can buy SSD. SSD can highly improve your PC performance. One problem with SSD is that they are costly and storage is very less. But if you are able to get yourself one then your game loading time will improve as well as disk usage will improve. SSD has a high read and write capacity, it can go up to 540 MB/s. You will play more and wait for less. With SSD we would also recommend upgrading your RAM also. Newer games demands more memory and RAM is relatively cheap. The replacement is very easy and not so time consuming. All laptops can be equipped with SSD and RAM.

Keep your Airvents clean

With the performance, you have to maintain a good habit of keeping laptop clean. Don’t let your laptop get too dusty, or you’ll risk letting it overheat. When that happens, the processor and graphics card has to work harder to perform well.  Thermal throttling will start and that results in lag. If you are not confident enough to clean it then go to service center and get it cleaned. You can use a cooler pad too to add extra airflow below your laptop. Laptop fans are very small and are not that powerful. With dust on the surface of fan blades, it becomes very difficult to rotate and provide efficient cooling.

Choosing the right programs or software

Yes, this is an important point too. Choosing the right software is also necessary. Go to task manager and see which programs are using high resources and runs on background even after closing. Disable the startup programs which are not necessary. Even chrome browser takes a lot of CPU and memory usage. So in such case go for alternative software. It can improve your performance to great extent. Always keep your laptop drivers updated and update your bios(only if it offers some fixes).



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