Facebook last month confirmed that several million accounts were hacked and the user’s data were stolen. Yesterday it revealed that exactly 29 million accounts were affected and details like names, school, college, personal contact and more were stolen. The firm says it is working with FBI already to check if any other service was affected or not and how deep the entire situation goes. However, until then it has also revealed that the team will be reaching out to those whose accounts were hacked.

Facebook said that it will message the users whose account were hacked and will tell them what information was stolen. Though it is yet to happen, you can still check if your account is hacked or any of your information is stolen by following the simple steps.

Here’s how you can check:

Step 1:

Open Facebook in the desktop version and go to Facebook Help Centre in the website.

Step 2:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and see for the subtopic ‘Is my Facebook account impacted by the security issue?’
If your account was hacked, below the subtopic it will be stated, “Yes. Based on what we’ve learned so far in our investigation, attackers accessed the following Facebook account information” followed by texts like ‘Name’, ‘Email addresses’, ‘Phone Number’ and more. It also mentions the information attackers did not steal from the account.
If you are lucky enough that the attackers have not stolen any of your information then no such message will be shown.

How did hackers steal the information?

As mentioned by Facebook last month, hackers stole the information of some 29 million users with the help of the ‘View As’ feature on the website. The attackers not just stole basic information like name and birth date but also education details, phone numbers, and email addresses only if they were mentioned in the account.


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