Today lets learn on how to host sites on the dark web. This tutorial is only for educational purpose. Hosting sites on the dark web is free and can be accessed through Tor browser. Since it is hosted on our own computers it cannot be closed. This tutorial will help you to understand how to host “.onion” websites on the dark web. For that first, you need to know about xampp server and tor browser, without its knowledge you cannot host your website.

  1. First download tor browser from here. Open the folder containing tor and create a new folder with any name, we will name this folder as “tor domain”.

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2. Go to the following location as described C:\Users\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Data\Tor. You should be able to see a file name “torrc”.

3. Open that file with notepad or any other text editor and enter the following lines and save it:

# Hidden Service
HiddenServiceDir C:<path location of your new folder>(in our case-tor domain folder)
HiddenServicePort 80

Now close the tor browser and folder.

4. Download XAMPP Server from here, Run XAMPP server and open the folder where you have installed.  Now you should see a folder named “htdocs”.

Delete everything from that folder and make your HTML webpage there. Save that file with a .html extension and open XAMPP application. All your files related to your webpage should be located in this folder.

5. Open the XAMPP application and click start on Apache and MySQL. You have just created a local server!

6. Now go to your normal browser and search for your local host. You can also search for, this is the IP for localhost.

For accessing files, type localhost/<name of the folder>   or<name of the folder>.  In our case the name of the folder was files.

6. Now, let us see how to host it on the dark web and add .onion domain to your site. Open your Tor browser folder again and click “Start tor browser”. Wait for few seconds and your tor browser should open if the steps are followed correctly. After opening close the browser.

7. Go to your tor domain folder and there you will see a new file with a name “hostname”. Open this file with notepad and you will get your website URL.

8. Copy this link and open this link on the tor browser. Just make sure your XAMPP server application is running.

9. Open your link in tor. You have just created a website with .onion extension. And this can be accessed only through tor browser. Your regular browser cannot open this link. Basically, you just hosted your website on the dark web. This site now can be opened from anywhere around the world provided he/she knows this URL.

To share files with your friends just add the files in your htdocs folder and add “/files” at the end of your URL. Whatever files you put in that folder will be now downladable. This site can  only be accessed as long as your computer stays connected to the internet. To stop this site you have to stop your Xampp server application. We hope this tutorial will help you.

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