Google has now introduced a new feature to Gboard Android Keyboard app called Google Floating Keyboard. Isn’t it sounds interesting? You will surely say Yes. In September, App developers have decided to bring this floating feature for Android device. This latest update is now made available on the Gboard app of version 7.6 and above. Google Floating Keyboard allows users to modify the Android keyboard as how they want.  Now it allows the users to make their keyboard floating around the screen. Those who have not heard about this keyboard may not have sufficient knowledge to use this Google floating Keyboard. To make you clear with regards to Gboards floating Keyboard, I have enclosed a few points in the below paragraphs.

Google Floating Keyboard:

If you have used Swiftkey floating keyboard then using this Google floating keyboard will be much easier. Floating Keyboard can be resized, placed anywhere on the Android screen and also supports swipe typing. If you have not yet enabled floating keyboard then tap on the G icon and then on the menu bar. Then check out the new floating option so that you will be able to tap and hold it to move around the screen. To get back the Gboard to the original place, you need to drag it to the bottom of the display. If you leave the keyboard untouched then it turns clear by showing the app behind it.

If you are searching for Google floating feature on Google Play store then you may not be able to notice it. For Android devices, Google might show the update soon but it is not sure. Delete the older version of Gboard and download the latest version of Gboard Floating Keyboard. Gboards Google floating keyboard is now available in various languages so you need not worry about the language barrier. If you wish to use this app on your Android device then download v7.6.7.213180289-beta version of Gboard from the web browser.

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