It is very common these days to transfer money online but finding the best money transfer apps for Android and iOS is a bit tough task. There were a number of Money transfer apps available on the web. Choosing the perfect one out of that can be done only when you know about those apps. Previously people used to visit banks to make money transfers. The increase in technology made the money transfer easier and faster. One can use net banking service or any money transfer apps for Android or iOS devices to exchange money easily.

Money Transfer apps for Android and iOS:

All the Money transfer apps for Android may not support iOS devices but I am going to provide the list of Money Transfer apps which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. Before going to download the money transfer apps on your device, make sure that you have a working bank account linked to your mobile number.

1) Venmo

Best Money Transfer apps for Android and iOS

Venmo is the well-known Money transfer apps that have individual and business users. One who has downloaded Venmo money transfer app have been enjoying easy and quick money exchange directly from their mobile phone. This digital wallet exchange will make peer to peer transfers to friends, relatives etc all over the world. Once users link their bank accounts or debit card then money transfers can be made easily with Venmo account. You can exchange the money or cash it using Venmo balance. Debit card transactions can be made at free of cost. Download Venmo app on your Android or iOS device to enjoy easy money transfers.

2) Google Pay

Best Money Transfer app for Android and iOS

Google Pay is the latest and best money transfer app for Android and iOS devices. It is the fastest and simplest way to transfer money from your account to other using their mobile number or bank account or UPI id. One can use Googe pay app at stores, recharges, DTH payments, electric bills etc. Link your bank account with Google Pay app and refer your friends to download the app to earn rewards. Money transfer through Google pay is much faster than any other apps. One who wishes to transfer money in India can download this app on their Android or iOS device. All the transactions that you make using Google Pay will be secured so you need not worry about its safety issues. Download Google Pay app on your device from the respective stores at free of cost.


3) PayPal

Best Money Transfer apps for Android or iOS

PayPal is the trending money transfer app available for both Android and iOS devices at free of cost. One can make secured transactions with the help of PayPal account. Download the PayPal app on your mobile phone to enjoy the features of the app. 24/7 easy and fastest money transfer facility with fraud protection. One can access their account using Fingerprint and two-factor authentication. So there is no vacancy for hackers to crack your data or money. You need not pay a single penny for money transfers as it is completely free. You can also pay for any goods and services online or offline by providing the registered mobile number. None of your transaction will be exposed unless you share with anyone. If you want to download PayPal then check out the app on your Google Play Store or App store.


4) Paytm

Best Money Transfer apps for Android or iOS

Paytm is the most trusted money transfer app available for Android and iOS devices. Previously people used to use the Paytm app for mobile recharge, DTH payments, Bus, Train, Flight bookings, Movie tickets and much more. Now Paytm has enabled the money transfer feature with which one can easily transfer money online. KYC feature enabled the money transfer app to stay secure. Paytm has launched the debit card to its users to enable offline transactions at the store. One can get the Patym debit card using by applying for ATM card from the Paytm app itself. Though Paytmconveniencenience charges on the money transfers, it is recorded as the best money trasfer app due to its reliability. Download Paytm app if you wish to transfer money to bank account easily.


5) Western Union

Best Money Transfer apps for Android or iOS

Western Union is the biggest money transfer service available online and offline. You can find many Western Union money transfer services near to your location. This service will let you exchange money from one country to another. One who wants to transfer money from out of the country can download Western Union app on their Android or iOS device. This money transfer app will let you find an agent easily to transfer your money to any country like US, Australia, Canda etc with ease. Once you download the Western Union app on your mobile device then you can easily perform online money transactions. Charges will be applied for money transfer like $5 for $500. You can enable touch ID to make money exchange using Western Union app.


Hope you found the best Money transfer app for Android or iOS device from the above list. Download the most suitable app for your money transfer and enjoy exchanging money.


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