We have seen ads showing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and many other social networking apps. But Whatsapp ads in Status is the trending topic now. Chris Daniels has confirmed the news about Whatsapp ads in Status. One can find ads displayed on their Whatsapp status soon. The air of Facebook’s monetization towards Whatsapp got cleared by revealing the “Advertisements in its Status” update feature. This instant messaging service called Whatsapp has over 1.5 billion users all over the world in which 250 million users are from India. The latest feature will help the company and also the business magnets to advertise their products on the most commonly used platform.

Whatsapp ads in Status

Whatsapp ads in Status:

Whatsapp Vice President Chris Daniels has confirmed the release of Whatsapp ads in Status updates. One can expect the Whatsapp advertisement update on their devices shortly. Whatsapp ads in status were earlier in the news but now it is in the development stage. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is to monetize the instant messaging service to make money. But this made one of the social media messaging co-founders to get out of the company. From 2019, Whatsapp will be adding advertisements between the status and this may alter the number of users of Whatsapp soon.

Generally, the status bar in Whatsapp will let you share text, photos, videos and they get disappeared after 24 hours. This status updates will be played with ads displayed after or before the update posted by you.

Whatsapp has previously charged $1 yearly for using the app before the acquisition of Facebook. The number of users on Whatsapp got increased after making the app available at free of cost. Facebook has not enclosed any clear information about the release of this new update.

However, the release date of Whatapp ads in status is not yet confirmed. Once the update gets released, Whatapp users can have a look at it.


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