Disclaimer:- Following discoveries are based on a combination of Reconnaissance against the target.

The infamous Momo challenge had a great impact on people using social media service like WhatsApp.

This challenge has been around the globe for a few years and gradually faded away. A few months back few screenshots of chats with Momo were spreading in India, especially at south India. From the screenshots, Momo from India was bad at communicating. improper grammar and spellings all over.

scrfeenshot momo

From the above screenshot, you can see for yourself why I trashed momo for using poor English.

Most of the viral screenshots were in Tamil. Many people uninstalled WhatsApp from their phone.

We decided to take things to our own hands and started to explore why momo hoax was created. we came into an assumption that momo was just created to spread unnecessary chaos and to trash people into a state of panic. Even institutions like CBSE was warning their students about this.



Later we discovered a video where a Tamil speaker who’s spreading chaos about protecting ourselves from Momo and his explanations made no sense at all because he is just throwing gas on the current situation using false claims. His video was viral and was gaining views rapidly. He was repeating same stuff all over again and again so he can reach Youtube’s 10-minute mark. Reaching that mark he can include multiple advertisements in his video. a few days later one of the accounts belonged to momo changed his profile picture to a Tamil actor’s picture.

chat momo

This hoax slowly reached its tomb and everyone forgot about this. But they can’t simply escape from people because someone’s always watching what they were doing. It was difficult to track them when the hoax was at it’s finest. We observed some changes.

Deepak kumar

We found this guy using momo’s multiple accounts. we are not giving out his full identity because he hasn’t done any damage to anyone. He just used social media services cleverly to make some money out of it. Many hoaxes like this will be creeping around through social media platforms. It is our duty not to promote anything like this. Youtube video gained about 3 million views so far, which accounts for 2000 USD for him. Write down in comments about your views about this. Do you want him presented before the law? Let us know. As always stay safe and have fun.


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