These days people were much concerned about Facebook Privacy as the number of hackers breaching the account information got increased. Facebook is the most common tool used by people all over the world to get in touch with old friends, family, neighbors and other. Any Facebook user has to go through Facebook Privacy Check to keep their account safe and secure. Without knowing about FB Privacy Settings, people create an FB account and finally get punched by the hackers. Someone can steal the private data that you post on your FB wall unless you are set to Facebook Privacy Check.

Facebook Privacy Check:

Generally, people whom you allow to expose the posts on your wall can get connected with your FB Profile. But the thing is one who wants to crack your account details can get it anyway if you are not done with Facebook Privacy check. The first thing comes into mind when we talk about Facebook Privacy is FB password. Make sure you have never revealed your FB details to anyone who looks suspicious. This can help you on some trails to avoid FB hacking. Here is how to perform Facebook Privacy check elaborated in detailed steps.

Facebook privacy check

Things to Know about Facebook Privacy Check:

People who are new to Facebook or hurry in getting started to use an FB account may not check Facebook Privacy Settings. To those who are not aware of the Facebook Privacy Check, the below-listed points will be much helpful.

Protect Password:

The one secret tool which can easily unlock all the data and make you upside down in seconds. A strong password can keep you stay protected from cracking the FB password easily. If you are not sure about Facebook Password privacy settings then change your password first and don’t reveal it to untrusted ones.


Phishing refers to the fake websites which look similar to facebook and it asks you to log in with original Facebook details. By this way, someone can steal your username and passwords within seconds. It asks you to provide Credit card details, other related numbers to hack your accounts. If you wish to get out of this issue, go for Facebook Privacy Check.

Third Party Apps:

Third party apps which you have logged in with a Facebook account can create privacy issues. Not all the apps steal your data so check for the reliable ones. In the settings area, you can find apps option where you can check out the apps which you have signed in for. Remove the apps which looks unusual so that you can keep your account private. Check for app information and limit the data to the respective app.

Logging In and Logging Out:

This is the most important thing to be kept in mind if you are using a public computer system or mobiles. Whenever you log in or log out of any device, make sure you are not going to leave any information related to your Facebook account. Don’t ever forget to log out your FB account if you feel it unsecured device. Tap on the log out button and remove your account data from any unknown networks.

Unfriend and Blocking:

This is the best way to go for Facebook Privacy check when you feel that some know people are checking your FB profile. Unfriend the FB user who is bothering you if you don’t want to get relief permanently. Blocking will break the connection between you both and one cannot check the others profile unless you unblock them. Tagging, liking your post will be banned once you unfriend or Block any user.

Trusted Contacts:

Trusted contacts will let you contact the friends when you need help to login Facebook account. When your account privacy is lost, you can get out of it by using Trusted Contacts. Add 3 to 5 friends whom you trust so that you can easily contact them.

Friend Requests:

While accepting a friend request, it is necessary to be cautious because fake account can easily access your Facebook privacy data. One who wants to stay in touch with you may contact from various accounts. In such cases, check whether the account is a trusted one or not.

Spam list:

It is very common to get spam messages from unknown people if you are an FB account user. Spam content can be a post or a message from an FB user. To keep your account safe, report it to FB developers instead of clicking or sharing it.

Manage FB Privacy Settings:

Login Alerts:

When someones use your account details, you may not be able to find it. Switching to login Alerts in Facebook Privacy settings will let you get messages when some other tries to log in your account. You can check out the activity from unauthorized people using FB Login alerts. To enable Login alters, tap on security and login button in settings bar. Then click on “Get alerts about unrecognized logins” button to get messages to the registered mobile number and email.

Two Factor Authentication:

Facebook Privacy check using Two Factor Authentication will ask you to enter the login approval code for every time when you log in your FB account. If you or someone try to log in your FB using wrong approval code then logging in will not be easy. You can find Two Factor authentication option in Security and login area and just enable it.


You can make your profile visible by enabling only the required options like about, friends list, photos, videos etc. Whenever someone can view your photo and username, a fake account can easily be created using those details. Once you add any profile picture or cover photo, just make clear that you have added a list of people whom you would allow viewing.


Make sure you are not providing the content which you are not willing to expose. If you want to restrict any post to particular people then choose the audience option and then share the posts. Do check for Facebook privacy before going to publish something on your timeline.

Add/ Remove Tag:

Any friends in your list or out of the contact can easily tag you in their photos and make the picture available on your timeline. If someone adds tags in a photo or video or any kind of posts which is irrelevant to you then remove the tag. Before adding tags make sure that you and the other person is convenient with it Because one who is in the friend list of the other persons account can easily check these pictures or videos.

Comments and Likes:

When you make your details public, anyone on Facebook can like your photo, video or post. If you don’t want to let anyone like or comment on your picture, limit the post ti Only me. If someone posts any irritating comments then delete it from your timeline.

How to Change FB Privacy Settings?- Facebook Privacy Check:

Password Check:

Facebook privacy check

  • Firstly, change your Facebook password by tapping on the download arrow button as shown in the image below and tap on settings.
  • Then you can find Security and Login option at the top left, hit on it.
  • Then you can find Change Password under the login menu and then tap on Edit button.
  • Enter the current password and new password in the blank fields.
  • Then click on Save Changes button so that your new Facebook password will be set.
  • Never share your Facebook password with people whom you don’t have trust.

Limit Audience:

Facebook privacy check

  • When you publish any kind of posts on your wall and let the audience go through it without privacy check then your timeline feed can be viewed by anyone.
  • Protecting your account by limiting the audience can easily keep your account private.
  • To check Facebook privacy, tap on the question mark(?) button ask shown below.
  • Tap on Privacy Check-up button and check whether your posts were limited to friends or only me or public.
  • Once you set the post audience to Public, anyone on Facebook can go through your FB posts.
  • Enabling it to Friends will let your friends go through the posts and only me permits the owner of the account to view their posts.
  • So choose Friends option to make your account posts private and tap on next to save the changes.

Facebook Privacy Tools:

  • Tap on the settings button and then click on Privacy option shown in the left menu.
  • Then you can view Your Activity i.e who can see your future posts, how people can find you on FB and contact you.
  • Change the people who can view your posts, Review your posts, limit your previous posts by changing the visibility option.
  • While posting any content on FB wall, you can directly check for audience option left to Post title.
  • You can even constrain the timeline posts from a few people with whom you would not like to share by tapping on more option.
  • Reset the privacy settings and make your account private to save from hackers.


Facebook privacy check

  • If someone tries to trouble you or create any problems using Facebook profile then you can choose the best feature called Blocking.
  • Tap on the profile which you would like to block and then tap on their accounts to block them.
  • Once you block any user, the respective FB user will not be able to view your account and data.
  • You can block/ unblock anyone on Facebook at any time.

Friend Requests:

  • Before going to send or accept the request from anyone, make sure they are familiar or known persons to you.
  • If you find any persons who are sending a fake request then report it to Facebook authorities by marking spam and block them finally.

Hope you are now able to make your Facebook account secured using these Facebook Privacy check tips. Do check your FB privacy settings if you have any issues concerning Privacy.


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