Folding PhoneIn the recent past, Samsung announced and teased the folding phone with a display that folds inside out to obtain a 7 inches display.

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It’s great to see that brands like Samsung are focusing on innovation rather than the top-notch design and specifications. But, is it really necessary? let’s find out.

But first, let’s talk about the folding phones that exist in 2018.

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The company launched their flagship folding phone called as the “FlexPai”. From the first look, The video which we saw shows the phone to be truly folding. It’s a huge chunk of display folding into an opposite sided fold.


Late last year, ZTE revealed their version of the smartphone with a display or displays that fold. Technically, in this case, it was not the displays that used to fold but the hinge between displays used to let the phone itself fold into a slab-type or a clam-shell body. In short, it’s the 2018 edition of Nokia’s Clam-shell devices. The only difference is that the physical keyboard replaced with a display.

It comes with a 20 Mega Pixel Camera, a Snapdragon 821 SOC and 4GB Ram with 64GB of Storage.

For it’s full specifications please do refer ZTE Axon M Specifications

But, the primary aspect was the price. Initially priced at $725/- but due to poor sales, the price lowered down to nearly $245/- last week.

Now, why did it fail?

There are two main reasons.

  • Firstly, there is no exact use of a secondary display or a folding display (because you can use the two displays as one when unfolded). It can only eliminate the front camera.

But, other than that, We don’t exactly see a point of having an extended or a folded-display on your smartphone.

  • Secondly, People are not comfortable with holding a 7-inch smartphone. Though it folds into half it’s still a 7′ device when unfolded.

But how does it relate to Samsung’s Infinity Flex?

Well, Samsung Infinity Flex is a truly folding phone rather than having a hinge between 2 displays. It’s a single piece of display technology which folds similar to their folds on Samsung’s very own flagship devices like S9+ or Note 9 but the thing here is that the fold is temporary and can be reverted back to normal unlike the S9+ or Note 9.

Yes! it looks futuristic and cool, it does not exactly look productive. Sure, you can share your screen into two halves with your friend/ family/ acquaintance or anyone just to watch a movie or enjoy a you-tube video. You can still do the same on your normal smartphone without splitting the screen into two halves or folding it.

Sure!if it does fold out into a 3 fold display to replace a laptop or a tablet, you will be pretty much able to make use of it but as of now, you can’t really do anything productive because

  1. Most of the third party apps don’t support the features of a folding display. I know Android has officially announced support for folding displays but still, it’s a long way.
  2. It’s a pretty expensive method of production and costs a lot to manufacture and it is the first generation of the device, it might not be as futuristic as we expect and it might have a few bugs.


Our opinions: Will we buy it or use it?

We’d absolutely love to buy it and test it out. As a concept of what future of smartphones can turn out to be, we’d pretty much love to use it and give our feedback!

Are you excited about the folding phones? let us know in the comments section.


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