When connecting two devices hits you hard with multiple complications that have the risk of tackling, you would be looking for the best experts to solve it. Hope I am the best expert to help you now in providing the step by step procedure regarding “How to Connect Mobile to PC/ Laptop using the Internet, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Many personages go through various sources to get the best deal for connecting Mobile to PC/ Laptop. Here is how to connect your Android/ iOS device to PC/ Laptop using the Internet, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth etc.

Connect Mobile To PC/Laptop:

The requirement for connecting Mobile to PC/ Laptop varies from person to person but the ways to connect does not. Any mobile user can connect PC and vice versa using the Internet, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth. You might be dealing with high specification PC/ Laptop and also a mobile device with well-known features. These devices may have various options that allow you to build a connection between both the devices. To be clear a perfect connection can be made using a data or USB cable only. However, the latest model mobiles and Laptops have features like Bluetooth and wifi sharing feature. One who is familiar with these can go through respective categories discussed here. Check out how to connect Mobile to PC/ Laptop using the Internet, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth.

How to Connect Mobile to PC/ Laptop using the Internet, USB, Wifi, and Bluetooth?

To establish a connection between your mobile device and PC device, you need to check out the following ways given in this article.

Using the Internet:

Once you are ready to pair your mobile device with PC/ Laptop, you can find plenty of methods to make a connection between them. These days the internet is playing a crucial role in helping the individual in various aspects. Connecting your mobile to PC/ Laptop using the internet is easy when you can switch on tethering hotspot on your mobile device. This requires high-quality internet connection on your mobile device. As the mobile network in these days providing unlimited data, you can easily connect mobile to PC/ Laptop.

  • Firstly, check whether you have enabled the mobile internet connection or not.
  • Then open settings and tap on mobile data or cellular data.
  • Check for hotspot tethering option and note the connection details like ID and password.
  • Now open your PC network settings and tap on Wifi button.
  • Click on the hotspot ID and enter the password in the space provided.
  • If you are done with hotspot connection then you are done with connection mobile to PC using the internet.
  • Start sharing any kind of data using data sharing applications available on the web.

Using USB:

USB is the best source which most of the people would like to choose for connecting Mobile to PC/ Laptop. USB devices provide a reliable connection and promise you to transfer the data easily from mobile to PC/ Laptop. To make a connection between phone and PC/ Laptop, you need to have a suitable data cable or USB cable that fits for both the devices. These days mobile devices are directly provided with USB cables to charge their device. You can use such kind of cables to connect mobile to PC/ Laptop.

  • Get a matching data or USB cable for both mobile and PC/ Laptop.
  • Plug in the cable for PC/ Laptop and mobile device.
  • Mobile devices ask you to share the data available on the device.
  • If you wish to let the data displayed on PC then you can enable it.
  • Now you can share any kind of data from Mobile to PC/ Laptop and vice versa.

Using Wifi:

Nowadays, Wifi is the most commonly spelled word because the daily routine goes on with that for most of the people. Download the photo or file sharing apps like Shareit and then make use of Wifi to transfer data from Mobile device to PC/ Laptop.

  • Connect your mobile and PC/ Laptop to the same wifi network.
  • Now download any file sharing applications to transfer data.
  • Make sure the connection between your mobile and PC are under the same network.
  • You can now share data easily from mobile to PC and vice versa.

Using Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is the best method before the introduction of USB cables in the scene. But the people who have not upgraded to USB will be still using this feature. This method of connection can ensure the high-quality data share but takes time. One can prefer this method of transfer when you don’t have a data cable or a USB connector.

  • Firstly, open your mobile device settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Similarly, turn on Bluetooth on your PC device too by switching to PC settings.
  • Make the connection between mobile and PC by tapping on the Bluetooth device name.
  • Once you are done with the connection, you can easily exchange any documents from both devices.

How to Connect Mobile to PC/ Laptop using AnyDesk?

These days accessing devices using other devices is made easier. If you are a Mobile user and want to connect your device with PC/ Laptop, AnyDesk serves the best. This service will be most useful when you are not able to explain the ways to tackle something to someone.

How to connect mobile to PC/ Laptop

  • To connect mobile to PC/ Laptop using AnyDesk, you have to download AnyDesk software on your PC and mobile device.
  • Once you download and the AnyDesk app on both the devices, you can get started to use.
  • Sign in using your Gmail or any other account and create an ID to provide remote desk ID.
  • Login and then connect mobile to PC/ Laptop by providing the remote desk ID of the device which you want to access.
  • If you want to access PC/ Laptop then enter the remote desk ID of PC in the space provided.
  • Once you permit the mobile device to connect, you can gain full control over PC/ Laptop right from the mobile.

You can use any other application like Team Viewer, UltraLogMeIngMein Pro etc and follow the same steps provided above to connect Mobile to PC/ Laptop.


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