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I guess you are a newbie entering into content writing field and looking forward to SEO tips for ranking purpose. If you are creating a new website and want to showcase the portal with attractive content then do follow the guidelines provided here. Don’t be hurry in learning the things bit faster because this is not easy unless you learn SEO tools. To make your website rank at the top, you have to check out the SEO tips. Remember that your content will be of no use unless you execute it with Search Engine Optimization Tools. Here I am going to list out a few SEO tips for Good Content Writing which might be helpful for your website ranking.

SEO Tips for Good Content Writing


SEO Tips:


First and foremost thing for good content writing is Keyword and Keyword Research. If you are focussing on a particular topic then you must be careful while choosing the keyword. Because Keyword is the most commonly used search word which people will be looking on the web. It is better to make a Spreadsheet to know the repetition of KW. Keyword Density for a post must be at least three so that it may stand in the ranking list.


Coming to the content, adding Headlines to the content with the keyword will highlight the Keyword and make ranking easier. Even if you write a short context, it will make much difference by adding a subtitle to that. Any writer should keep in mind that Title, headlines and meta description goes into the search result for good website ranking.


When you don’t follow the structure for writing content, then it will be in an ineffective format and bit tough to readers. Check the length of each paragraph, and use H1 and H2 tags for subtitles to get the best output.

Readability First:

Readability is the most important part of SEO Writing tips. Your content may not reach the readability mark due to various grammatical mistakes, less usage of transition words etc. Managing all the errors shown by WordPress will help you in presenting the genuine content.

To provide quality and unique content, never plagiarise the information from any other sources. Always write the content with understandable words and increase the readability. Add relevant links, images, tags, meta description, focus keyword, and featured image to the post so that it would be helpful in ranking. Use social networking websites to display the content written by you.


Hope this knowledge with regards to SEO tips for Good Content writing would be helpful for improving your content writing skills. Stay in touch with us by bookmarking our page and comment below for more information.


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