Jio can be credited for the Internet Revolution that took place in India. Jio’s lowest data prices and considerably good speeds was and is their USP. But, was that it?

Nope, Jio decided to bundle a few apps which included cloud storage app, an OTT app, a Magazine app and many more but one app that caught everyone’s eye was the Jio Music App. It allowed you to download Music, Set the caller tune and listen to music offline. Thus, eliminating the need of pirating apps or downloading mp3s.

It was all good and worked well but the thing was its interface and the bugs. The interface was quite 2012ish and the bugs, let’s just not talk about ’em.

Moving on, Jio acquired majority stakes in the Saavn app. Yes, the Saavn app which is known for it’s easy and modern interface, huge song library and minimal bug free experience.

Now, Jio took it the full advantage of Saavn and it’s team to upgrade it’s existing Jio Music app to provide the best experience to the users. Jio users can now use JioXSaavn (atleast that’s what they are calling it) for 90 days. JioXSaavn will allow Jio users to enjoy ad-free and downloadable offline music for free upto 90 days. The feature to set your favorite song as caller tune is still embedded in the app. The app has seen quite a few improvements and is doing bug-free or shows up minimal bugs.

What would happen after 90 days?

Well, Jio hasn’t said anything about its future plans with regards to JioXSaavn but we think it might impose a minimal fee which can be included in the recharge to let us use the services further as it can be seen on the splash screen of the app.

What music streaming service are you using? let us know in the comments section below.


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