Indian Motorcycles has released a new mobile phone app called Ride Command. There is a firmware update to the motorcycle’s infotainment system also. Both of these combined gives a better riding experience.

Indian has said that the latest update allows users to plan ride routes with up to 100 waypoints and then transfer the directions to the motorcycle’s navigation system, wirelessly. The mobile application also shows data like the bike’s fuel level, oil life, tyre pressure, service recommendations and more. The application is available on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

An Indian Motorcycle rider can use the app by directly installing the app from the company’s website or by visiting an authorized dealership. Riders can also download the 2018 map updates free of cost via the same means. Three years of free map updates are given to the New Chieftain and Roadmaster owners.

The system is compatible with all Indian Motorcycle models that are equipped with the Ride Command touchscreen interface. Unfortunately, lower models like the Scout will not be compatible with the app. The most recent launch from Indian Motorcycle in India is the limited edition Chieftain Elite.


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