Spotify launch in India is delayed and is now expected to launch on March 2019. It was supposed to launch on January 31.

Why this delay?

Spotify deal with some music labels still not finalized.  Spotify signed a deal with T-Series and has inked all 1,60,000 songs. Other music labels include Sony, Universal, and Warner. According to reports these three music labels still didn’t accept the agreements. Spotify is going to launch their service without them anyways.

Plans for India

Spotify subscription in India will start from Rs 140 per month and there will be a trial period of more than 30 days for all new users in India. Initially, Spotify will launch in English and later five languages (Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali) will be added.  Spotify has a team of 300 people and established an office in Mumbai.


Spotify needs to ensure that their service will be able to run on India’s Mobile Network. It is still slower than other countries and this might be a problem. Spotify will be sure hit if they are able to launch and offer service at the right price.  People love Spotify and many people know the quality of their service too, so till then, just wait!



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