Samsung is about to release a foldable phone in late 2018 or in early 2019. The rumors of Galaxy X were around for years.

From CES 2011 Samsung rolled out a few prototypes. these prototypes were just a few forms of flexible Display.


Now  Samsung is trying to release this for the end users. This very technology can boost Samsung’s play as a vendor for these display’s too.

Samsung Galaxy X Technology

This device is going to have a hinge but that is not going to affect the display. From all reports and rumors, this device is going to be 7.1 inches in size.galaxxy X may be featuring a 3.5-inch display on the outside and two 3.5-inch display inside, the display can become fatter in the pocket due to the hinge.

Galaxy X inward and outward

Foldable screens need to be able to withstand the mechanical stress caused by constant folding and unfolding. This has been one of the key obstacles that have prevented the commercialization of foldable devices so far. Reportedly, Samsung has been working on enhancing the durability of the 1R display for up to 200,000 folding cycles, which should exceed the typical lifetime of a smartphone.

Galaxy X

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